The Best Asthma Natural Treatment

The best asthma natural treatment: Water Cures, using sea salt and water. Why? The answer is simple.

Our bodies have remarkable healing abilities if we give them the proper nutrients to rebuild. Asthma and what it causes you to experience is usually a sign and symptom of chronic fluid and electrolyte imbalance. This means we are not getting enough water, enough of the right minerals and salt.

Asthma Natural Treatment

If we provide the proper nutrients, water and electrolytes, our body will eliminate many of the health issues it faces. Many have found that asthma is one such disease that responds to the water cures. It should be added to the list of asthma natural treatments.

Of all the natural asthma treatments, the safest and the most effective is the one that most closely fulfills the human body needs is Water Cures. One of the most important needs is hydration and electrolytes.

These needs are best filled with unprocessed sea salt and water. The first thing most patients get when entering the hospital is a bag of normal saline given IV. This is nothing more than salt and water given into the veins.

The fact is, most people are not providing enough water and salt for their bodies needs. Even worse, most of those who suffer with asthma have an electrolyte and mineral imbalance.

This has been perpetuated by a myth that we need to reduce salt consumption as it will raise blood pressure. A 2011 study found that reducing salt increases risk of heart disease risk. It also found that a reduced salt diet did not reduce the risk of dying or of having heart disease.

Less Salt Is Bad For Your Health

The research found that consuming less salt increases cholesterol and triglycerides. But wait, it gets worse.

Low salt also increases hormones that help regulate our salt levels. In other words, it causes us to retain salt rather than get rid of it in our urine.

The fact is, we need to reduce table salt, an unnatural form of salt and need to start consuming unprocessed natural salt. Even the kind of water we drink plays a role in our health. If it was chlorinated, although filtering is good, the water is not the best for you. More on water will be posted in the future.

Unprocessed sea salt has the necessary sodium chloride along with numerous other trace elements that are essential for life. The elements act as buffers making the salt safe for consumption. With out these buffers, salt is unhealthy.

The minerals are essential. Even more so for those suffering with asthma. If you have asthma, you may be depleted in certain essential minerals.

Why Not Just Take Supplements?

Simply taking supplements because you are depleted is also not natural. For most people, eating the right diet along with proper hydration is all that is needed to help manage and in some cases, eliminate the symptoms associated with many diseases.

When taking supplements, the phytochemicals in the fruits, vegetables and grains are often taken out or destroyed in the process. When we take supplements, we are taking something unnatural.

There may be research on the supplements but who paid for it. This is not to say they are bad or we should not take them. They do have their place. The question is, is there a better way?

Consider milk. We were taught for decades, that you got to have milk to get the calcium you need for strong bones. Ironically, nobody ever asked, how do cows get strong bones? Or how do dear, antelope or even lions and tigers and bears get strong bones, oh my?

They do not need supplements yet they have strong bones. They do not even drink milk once weaned yet they have strong bones. And they do it all naturally.

Lesson for us...the closer to natural we can be, the healthier we will be.

But is not salt bad for us?

Do Dill Pickles Cause Cancer?

There are studies that claim that salt increases blood pressure. For instance, one study suggested blood pressure was affected by body mass (size and weight) and salt intake.

Here is what the study said, "CONCLUSION: The findings of this study suggest that the association between salt intake and blood pressure is related to body weight and WC."

Were they eating more salt because they were eating more salt? Was it the salt or the extra carbs that was causing the blood pressure increase? Or was it the extra MSG in the extra foods they were eating?

It might be noted, research shows we are not fat because we overeat. We over eat because we are fat. Our bodies want to maintain ourselves wherever they may be weight wise (or unwise).

Unfortunately, this is like saying that there is an association of eating dill pickles and getting cancer.

Think about it. Of all the people who eat dill pickles, 1 in 3 will get cancer in their life time. That is a significant number but means nothing with out a control.

In Japan, where there is the lowest dill pickle consumption in the world, there is also the lowest cancer rate. And Eskimos, who never eat dill pickles, never get cancer.

By the way, did you know ice cream can cause cancer too? Studies show that 1 in three people who consume ice cream will get cancer in their lifetime.

Back to the when we get fat, we eat more theory. We do not necessarily get fat because we eat more. We eat more because we are fat. When we eat more, guess what, we will have more salt in our diet.

Also, the study looked at table salt consumption, not unprocessed sea salt with the natural buffers that make it the best asthma natural treatment.

Countless users of water cures have lowered their blood pressure by increasing their salt and water consumption.

And now, many more are finding that the best asthma natural treatment is using the water cures protocol.

Note: Water Cures is not for everyone. As an asthma natural treatment, consumers using it say it really works. There are other holistic asthma treatments that also work. For most, Water Cures can be used in conjunction with almost any asthma remedy.

Our Asthma Research:

Our initial research is done and the results of what we have learned is provided for your benefit. The water cures works! As we grow as a non-profit, we will be continuing to research the Water Cures Protocol for treating asthma. We are planning ongoing clinical trials to find which salt works best and the various types of water that can finally help put an end to asthma. The goal, find the best asthma natural treatment.

The Water Cures Protocol

Water Cures Asthma

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