Urinary Tract Infection

The water cures works for those who have urinary tract infection.

    Prevent or Stop a UTI: Used one way, water cures can help prevent urinary tract infections. According to those using the Water Cures UTI Protocol it stops a UTI cold in its tracks.

Here's how... Those who use the water cures will say that there are two ways of curing a UTI. One is using the water cures protocol. For those that it does not work or need a faster results, then using water with sodium bicarbonate is plan B. Sodium bicarb is a way of treating male and female uti fast, easily and effectively.

In healthcare, a UTI is an infection that affects the urinary tract. This includes the bladder and kidneys. When the infection is in the lower part of the tract, it is known as cystitis or a bladder infection. When it is in the kidneys, it is known as pyelonephritis.

Symptoms of UTI

    The most often complained about symptom is painful urination. Sometimes frequent urination and the urge to urinate is present. When the infection is in the kidney, there may be flank pain.

    In the young and the elderly, the symptoms are often non-specific or vague. Because the elderly and young fail to consume adequate water, they are at greater risk.

Male Urinary Tract Infections

    There is an interesting phenomenon on the web when it comes to UTI's. Women, who have dealt with UTI's forever seem to less frequently search for information on this topic then the searches for men and urinary tract infections.

    Using the water cures protocol or water and or sodium bicarbonate, our visitors say that it works. It works for male and female urinary tract infections. It also works for prevention of UTI's.

Urinary Tract Infection Treatment

    The people who use the water cures protocol is the most effective urinary track infection treatment.

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    Click Here to learn more about using water cures to treat UTI and other urinary tract infection Natural Remedies. Some feel that they are curing UTI with the water cures protocol.

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Water Cures: Experiences

From a water coach:

The father of a friend had a urinary tract infection. This was confirmed by his nurse and was evidenced by his foley bag with the cloudy urine that filled it.

The family asked and the doctor ordered a prescription for Alka-seltzer. They gave it that afternoon. The next day, first thing in the morning, the urine bag was filled with clear yellow urine. No cloudiness and all other symptoms of the UTI were gone.

The UTI was gone and the family were now believers of the water cures UTI protocol.

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