Lyme Disease MSIDS

Why call it Lyme Disease MSIDS?

Will the new MSIDS or multiple systemic infectious disease syndrome catch on as a more comprehensive name? We don't know but we like it.

Dr. Richard Horowitz refers to the phenomenon most know as Lyme disease as multiple systemic infectious disease syndrome (MSIDS).

Lyme Disease MSIDS

This is more appropriate because few people have only Lyme disease and not the co-infections. Most have multiple infections causing numerous symptoms that defy diagnosis. Once in the human body, the various bacteria suppress the immune system and stimulate a body wide inflammatory cascade. The affects on those infected include attacks on multiple organs and systems in the body, including the skin, brain, nervous tissue, and organs, the most notable being the heart and brain.

When you hear Lyme Disease, did the thought of a tick bite come to mind? Lyme disease has grown up and is so much more than just the result of a tick bite.

Lyme Disease is a term that encompasses several potential infections and numerous symptoms. Often many common diseases and conditions are considered misdiagnosed Lyme Disease. Thus Lyme Disease MSIDS or just MSIDS is more appropriate.

When it comes to the Lyme disease diagnosis, Lyme disease prognosis and Lyme disease stages, it is only possible to look at one part of the infectious process. There may be two or even several infections at the same time. Each infection may cause or result in various symptoms, many differing from the others. All happen at the same time.

At Water Cures, based on our research, we believe that Lyme Disease may also be a misdiagnoses for up to 20 different spirochete infections. Spirochetes are the cork screw shaped bacteria that cause things like Lyme and a close cousin that causes syphilis. Additionally, there are the various co-infections that can come with both Lyme infection (Borrelia burgdorferi spirochete) as well as the other spirochete infections.

There are currently at least 20 known spirochetes that can invade our blood and eventually get into our brain or any other tissue of our body. Six are dental related spirochetes. When they invade your body, they bring their friends with them. These include cocci and gram negative rods. Unlike most bacteria, the infections do not cause a septic response. They grow very slowly and have a stealth component to their existence.

As to the Lyme spirochetes and the 19 cousins, there are spirochetes that look like they have dumbbell ends and the ones without. More on this later.

Lyme Disease MSIDS and Antibiotics

Evidence seems to indicate antibiotics currently will not kill them off unless given immediately after exposure, when first infected. While antibiotic have been given such favorable reviews in the minds of people, the evidence found in the NNT or numbers needed to treat and the NNH or numbers needed to harm tell a far different story. According to the evidence, many times, antibiotics simply do more harm than good. To research this, research the NNT for the various antibiotics.

Of course there are advantages for many with antibiotics. For some, simply your belief may promote the placebo effect. Likewise, if you don't believe in them, you are more likely to experience a nocebo effect or worse, any of the many negative side effects reported that result from antibiotic use.

Of the Lyme borrelia tick, there are over 20 species around the world, 7 of them are in the US. Five of the species in the US carry Lyme disease (B. burgdorferi (Bb), B. americana, B. andersonii, B. bissettii, B. mayonii in the Midwest.) The problem, many of these ticks carry more than one infectious bacterias.

The Black-legged Ixodes scapularis tick can carry infectious bacterias such as Anaplasma, Bartonella, Ehrlichia, and Babesia that cause anaplasmosis, babesiosis and Lineage 2 Powassan disease. (Lineage 1 ticks rarely come in contact with humans).

There is much debate on the use of antibiotics. There are two schools on the for short term and one believing in the necessity of long term antibiotics.

The doctors who prescribe for long term are called Lyme literate doctors. The others are called Lyme Illiterate.


There is interesting research on the use of frequencies to kill bacteria. Research was conducted at Swathmore College where they produced a TED Talk video providing evidence that frequencies could indeed destroy bacteria without harming living cells. While the actual machines on the market are not the same (unless their price is in the $4500 range), this is an interesting possibility.

Lyme Disease

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