Magnesium Bicarbonate Water Recipe

Here you will discover the magnesium bicarbonate water recipe and how to start using it to improve your health. It will also help improve your mental abilities. Studies show it not only improves health, it can make you smarter, possibly help you live longer and help you learn faster.

Science at the End of this section.

Are you low in magnesium? You can be low because you are not taking in enough, your body is not absorbing it well or something is depleting it. More on Magnesium Supplements Here

According to the RDA women need between 310 to 320 mg of magnesium daily. Men need between 400 to 420 mg of magnesium daily. Most practitioners recommend that you not take more than these amounts without knowing your magnesium levels. The best test to know your level is the erythrocyte magnesium level test or Magnesium Blood Test. According to the experts, any other test is only a guess. however, it is expensive and rarely considered when testing peoples magnesium levels. Thus, most doctors recommend no more than what your minimum requirement is.

The magnesium bicarbonate recipe will help you make a form of magnesium that is easily absorbed. It is easy to create right in your kitchen.

If you are under a doctors care, make sure this is OK to use. Remember, even though a little is good, more could be hazardous to your health.

Contraindications: Don't Take Mag If You...

have kidney disease or kidney dysfunction

are on blood pressure medications

have Myasthenia Gravis

are on antibiotics

have a slow heart rate

Only Take With Your Doctors Supervision if you are on...

Diabetes Medicine: Glipizide (Glucotrol), Glyburide (Micronase, Glynase, Diabeta). Magnesium supplementation can lower your blood sugar. Low blood sugar may cause tremors (shaking), hunger, sweating, headache, heartbeat skips, confusion, nervousness, tiredness and vision problems. Doctors may use magnesium to help lower the dosage of certain diabetic medications. Only take mag supplementation under a doctors supervision if you are currently under a doctors care.

Neurontin: May result in decreased absorption of both the drug and the neurontin.

Doxycycline: Mag may make the doxycycline less effective. It is recommend to take the magnesium up to 3 hours before or after taking the medicine.

Minocycline: May make the drug less effective/ Recommended: take supplements 1-3 hours before or after taking the drug.

Tetracycline Hydrochloride: May make the drug less effective. Take mag 1-3 hours before or after taking the drug. The magnesium bicarbonate water recipe could make drugs you are on work either better or worse, resulting in unfavorable outcomes.

Magnesium Bicarbonate Water Recipe Ingredients

Note: Because MOM is difficult to find in many places, we found an optional way to make your own. A Optional Mag Bicarb Recipe

Our Recipe

You will need two and at best, three things.

1 Bottle Milk of Magnesia (MOM)

Look for MOM that has no flavoring and no ingredients other than purified water. If the bottle has listed under inactive ingredients sodium hypochlorite (bleach) then you don't want to use it. Under inactive ingredients it should only say purified water.

MOM comes in different strengths. Get the bottle that has 400 mg to 595 mg per teaspoon (5 ml) or it will read 1200 mg per 15 ml (1 tablespoon). The water listed as the "inactive ingredient" should be 41.7% by weight.

This will provide in 1 tablespoon (1 TBS = 15 ml), 1200 mg of Mg of magnesium hydroxide. You will be using 45 ml or three tablespoons for a total of 3600 mg hydroxide in the 1 liter bottle. However, as to the actual magnesium, it will be 400 to 595 mg per teaspoon / 1200 - 1800 mg per tablespoon (3 x teaspoon). The total amount of magnesium is the dose of magnesium for the entire liter bottle.

1 Liter Carbonated Water.

The magnesium bicarbonate water recipe requires unflavored carbonated water or club soda. Examples include Schweppes Club Soda and Canada Dry Seltzer. It will only have water and carbon dioxide. The club soda has a small amount of sodium.

The third thing we recommend is a glass 1 gallon jug to store it in until it is consumed.

1 Gallon Glass Bottle for Storage

The 1 liter plastic bottle of carbonated water will serve to mix the MOM. Once you mix the MOM with the seltzer water, it becomes magnesium bicarbonate. Most people, following the Water Cures Protocol, drink their water at room temperature. To avoid any risk of plastic leaching, the glass bottle is the safest way to store the magnesium water once made. Do not make in the glass bottle to prevent the risk of breakage when under pressure.

Magnesium Bicarbonate Water Recipe

Note: ml is the liquid measure of the MOM, mg is the amount of magnesium in the liquid measure.

Chill the carbonated water for at least 1 hour in the fridge.

Shake the MOM vigorously. In the soufflé cup that comes with the bottle, measure out 3 TBSP - 45 ml (which is 1200 mg x 3 = 3600 mg and up to 1800 mg x 3 which is 5400 mg of magnesium). The bottle I was able to obtain had the 595 mg of magnesium per teaspoon or, to make it easier, I will round it up to 600 mg per teaspoon. Three teaspoons to a table spoon makes 1800 per TBS or per every 15 ML. So, 45 ml or three table spoons (TBS) makes 5400 mg of magnesium. If your MOM has only 400 mg of magnesium per teaspoon, you will end up with 3600 mg of magnesium per 45 ml or tablespoon of MOM.

Take the refrigerated bottle of carbonated water and remove the cap. The less CO2 lost the better so do not stop to watch the tiny bubbles if you are obsessive compulsive challenged like me.

Pour the 3 TBSP - 45 ml of MOM with a total of 3600 to 5400 mg of magnesium into the 1 liter bottle. Replace the cap.

Shake the bottle well. Shake it for about 15 to 30 seconds. The bottle will be cloudy. This is part of the process. Return to the refrigerator.

If you are a practical joker, then you can have some fun as you watch peoples eyes get big as you shake a bottle of seltzer water for a half minute. Or, you can see if you truly have the trust of a loved one as you ask them to shake it before putting it in the fridge.

After about 30 minutes, again shake the 1 liter bottle. Any MOM at the bottom will now be mixed and suspended in the water. The bottle may become cloudy again. Shake for 15 to 30 seconds and return to the fridge.

No need to worry about a soda explosion. The chemical reaction will make the bottle collapse or cave in slightly once the chemical reaction is complete.

The Magnesium Bicarbonate Water

You now have dissolved (ionized) magnesium hydroxide and bicarbonate. No need to worry if there is any un-dissolved magnesium hydroxide on the bottom.

What is Milk of Magnesia
MOM is basically magnesium oxide, the ashes left over once the metal magnesium has burned. Once these are added to water, the oxide becomes hydroxide or oxide + water. Magnesium, while a metal, has a unique property, it can catch on fire. While it burns, it makes it's own oxygen so the fire cannot be put out with water or normal fire extinguishers. It will even continue to burn if totally submerged under water.

The magnesium bicarbonate water recipe produces 3600 to 5,400 mg of magnesium and in 33 ounces of bicarbonate water.

If you use a 2 liter bottle, you will double the amount of the MOM you use to make it. If you use a 3 liter bottle of seltzer, you will need to triple the amount of MOM you use to make it. Remember, the MOM takes up space so remove one cap full for every cap of MOM you will be adding to the bottle.

Magnesium Bicarbonate Drinking Water

Each 1 liter bottle has 33 ounces of liquid with 3600 to 5400 mg of magnesium depending on how much MOM per ml is in the MOM bottle you started the mix from. Each ounce at this ratio has about 110 -160 mg of magnesium. To reach the needed levels, a man will need about 3 1/2 ounces (for the lesser) to 2.5 ounces (for the greater amount of magnesium) and a woman will need about 3 ounces (for the lesser concentration of magnesium)to 2 ounces (of the greater concentration) of the liquid.

How Much of the Concentrate per Glass?

If 1 ounce = 2 Tablespoons...then...

Men: To your drinking water, you will add 7 tablespoons and for the greater mix you will add 5 tablespoons (74 ml) of the concentrate.

Women: 6 tablespoons of the lesser and 4 for the greater concentrate.

According to the RDA...

Women need between 310 to 320 mg of magnesium daily.

Men need between 400 to 420 mg of magnesium daily.

If you eat a lot of vegetables, you may be getting up to 200 mg of magnesium. Especially chocolate, mushrooms, brown rice, almonds, hazelnuts, spinach and Lima beans.

If your a woman, based on these numbers, about three 8 ounce glasses will complete your needs (3 x 32mg = 98 mg magnesium + 200 mg from diet).


Yes, you can take it all at once but as you will learn below, it is better if you take it in divided doses. So, depending on the number of bottles of water you drink each day, divide it between those bottles.

How Good is the Mag Bicarbonate Recipe?

The Alkaline Mineral Ions

Alkaline mineral ions which include calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium and others are poorly absorbed by our bodies. As a result of this poor absorption, they end up becoming either plaques, deposits in joints, and acid waste that becomes sequestered in fatty tissue. They can cause or result in degenerative diseases like osteoarthritis and atherosclerosis. What if there was a better way?

When the alkaline ions are combined with a carrier or more accurately a buffer, in this case, a bicarbonate, they become more readily absorbed. The result is the buffering and absorption that can reduce arterial plaques and calcification of arteries. Bicarbonates can help to carry all of the above alkaline minerals and at the same time, the minerals help carry the bicarbonate.

Magnesium Bicarbonate

In 2002 the Australian biochemist Dr Russell Beckett released a product he called Unique Water. It was created as magnesium bicarbonate. The product came from years of anti-aging research. Animals southeastern Australia were found to live 30 – 50% longer than other animals in the same region. Eventually, the water was discovered to have a remarkably high level of magnesium bicarbonate. Springs in this area that were used to feed the oldest cows had this most magnesium bicarbonate in the water they drank.

The bicarbonate and magnesium in the water and the lack of magnesium as we age connection was obvious.

Research with the newly created water found a reduction of incidence of colds and flu with much less sever symptoms. This could be due to the causative agents are most often thrive in an acidic range. By taking the bicarbonate, the bicarb reserves in the body improved while at the same time, it helps with the absorption of the magnesium which is responsible for over 300 other functions within the body. Likewise, the magnesium has been found to aid in the absorption of the bicarbonate.

Additionally, later clinical trials found positive results in blood chemistry, including improved albumin levels and a beneficial effect on the parathyroid hormone which plays a role in osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and atherosclerosis.

Albumin is the main protein created in your liver. It is responsible for numerous functions, especially maintaining the colloid osmotic pressure (COP) inside your blood and lymph vessels. COP helps keep fluid within the vessels instead of leaking into tissue causing puffiness or edema. Clue: This may be a part of helping, along with the Water Cures Protocol to end edema.

The end result is that the combination seems to buffer each other with a result of balancing the water. This in turn helps with metabolic functions that are compromised as we age, resulting in many of the ailments we experience.

Notes on Absorption: According to "Intestinal Absorption and Factors Influencing Bioavailablity of Magnesium-An Update" "The absorption of Mg2+ is impaired in people with gastrointestinal disorders (Celiac Disease (CD), Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) and Short Bowel Syndrome (SBS) because of malabsorption syndrome."

How Much / How Often?

The above study found that in several human studies there was a greater bioavailability when a little Magnesium was consumed over the span of a day rather than being consumed all at one time. Ekmekcioglu et al. (2000) found the greater magnesium absorption was obtained with the lowest amount consumed. This was not on pet lab rats, it was using people. So, instead of taking 400 at one time, consider taking just 4 ounces of mag-bicarbonate water (100 mg magnesium for men) in your regular drinking water but do it 4 times a day for best absorption / best benefit.

Cost Depending on the size of the bottle of MOM and price you pay including the seltzer, this ends up costing around $5 per month (plus some time) vs other magnesium supplements that can cost starting at $10 per month or more for similar dosing amounts. This is based on around 400 mg of magnesium citrate, one of the more absorable forms.

The Water Cures Protocol

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Water Cures is not for Everyone

Listen to your body. Do not use this if you are under a doctors care. Do not stop taking medications without consulting your doctor. If you are on medications, consult your doctor if you start the Water Cures Protocol as it may change your needs.

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