Chemo or Natural Cures for Cancer:
Which is Better

In the chemo or natural cures for cancer debate, you will find supporters on both sides. The best choice is ultimately the one you will believe in and do. Both treatments have survivors and even those who have been, in their opinion, cured of cancer. Both chemo and natural treatments have people who they have not worked for and have consequentially died.

Spoiler Alert: There is evidence that combining both chemo and natural cures may improve outcomes dramatically. This is not merely anecdotal evidence, this comes from clinical trials, and although the research just began (our reference is 2019), it looks very promising.

Be assured that I am not selling out. But as a scientist, I have to look at the data. I have to consider the research.

There are still questions you need to ask yourself.

Do You Have Cancer?
...... Should You Have Chemotherapy?

Traditional chemotherapy or Chemo works by killing cells that divide rapidly. Since cancer cells divide rapidly chemotherapy was created to attack these cells. Unfortunately, a number of good cells also divide rapidly. Cells that make blood, cells of our mucous membrane (the pink tissue inside your mouth), hair and the cells that make our immune system. Although newer and different acting chemo therapies are being created, they still cause damage to our healthy cells.

Note: Common wisdom says that we should not stop any medical treatment with out first finding a health care professional that can manage those changes. If you desire to switch to holistic health care, you should seek out a doctor experienced in treating what ever health challenge you face and is willing to work with treatments you find acceptable.

Chemo Risk vs Benefits

In the chemo or natural cures for cancer debate, the side effects are the first thing most consider. The most observable damage to the body is hair loss. Chemo also causes inflammation of the mucous membranes (usually along the digestive tract) and decreased blood cell production.

The most important Chemo risks are the damage that it causes in destroying your immune system. It is your immune system that ultimately helps you fight cancer as well as other attacks on your health.

The question is, does the risk benefit ratio make chemo worth the risk? Everyone has their own risk benefit ratio tolerance. If you research the topic, you will be able to make an educated decision. You will read scientific studies like those below which will help you decide which is best for you.

When you see or experience the chemotherapy side effects, you may think differently about this subject. One in three will have to make this decision in their life time. When choosing chemo or natural cures for cancer, also consider the anecdotal evidence.

A lack of scientific evidence, evidence that was funded by someone with a financial interest in the research, does not in itself prove natural cures do not work. Likewise, anecdotal evidence that cannot be confirmed is not proof. Look for reliable sources for information.

You will read stories of how chemo killed loved ones after the cancer was eliminated. You will hear of people who, with chemo, conquered their cancer and extended their lives by 30 years or more. You will hear of those who used holistic and natural treatments who survived and some who died. Although the decision is yours, it should be based on the best information available. It should also be based on common sense.

Here is one study that found the same thing as a 1986 New England Journal of Medicine Report.

The contribution of cytotoxic chemotherapy to 5-year survival in adult malignancies.


As the 5-year relative survival rate for cancer in Australia is now over 60%, it is clear that cytotoxic chemotherapy only makes a minor contribution to cancer survival. To justify the continued funding and availability of drugs used in cytotoxic chemotherapy, a rigorous evaluation of the cost-effectiveness and impact on quality of life is urgently required.

Read the Conclusion here.

Solid tumors such as found in breast, prostate, lung and colon cancer, on spreading to the body, often develop resistance to chemotherapy treatments. Scientists at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center figured out why there becomes a resistance. They published in the August 2012 issue of The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

The paper reported that it has to do with the normal non-cancerous cells that are near the tumors, (called fibroblast cells). Fibroblasts when exposed to chemo therapy, are damaged in such a way to stimulate cancer growth. Fibroblast cells normally help wound healing and promote collagen production.

Under normal circumstances, fibroblasts help maintain the structural integrity of connective tissue, and they play a critical role in wound healing and collagen production.

Researchers discovered that DNA damaging chemo therapy treatments coax fibroblasts to increase production of a protein (WNT16B) within the area of the tumor and that high levels of this protein enable the growth of cancer cells. The growing cells invade surrounding tissue and perpetuate the resistance of chemotherapy.

The researchers noted an up to 30-fold increases in the WNT protein production. This was a finding that was completely unexpected by the researchers. Bottom line, Chemo can make the cancer worse.

Read the Study Abstract Here

The Game Changer:

The Journal of Clinical Cancer Research in a review published in May of 2019, "Effects of short-term fasting on cancer treatment" reported in the abstract....

Growing evidence is finding short-term fasting protects the body from toxicity while enhancing the the efficiency of various chemotherapy treatments used for a number of tumor types. STF helps the stress resistance of healthy cells but the tumor cells become more sensitive to toxins. The thinking is they have no food to nourish them due to the fast. They came to the conclusion that, STF may be a feasible approach to enhance the action and the toleration of chemotherapy in humans. So far, it has been found to be safe, but is a challenge in cancer patients on chemotherapy. Ongoing clinical trials are still needed.

Read the Conclusion here.

If you read between the lines, when it comes to chemo or natural cures for cancer, you may want to do some research on Cancer and fasting. We do not provide much if any information on fasting as it is an entirely different topic. However, there are a number of kinds of fasts. One specifically uses the Water Cures Protocol, namely water and unprocessed salt, providing both fluids and electrolytes.

Foods Are Chemotherapy

Foods naturally have hundreds of chemicals that work to keep us healthy and in some cases fight diseases. Foods that fight cancer along with proper hydration may be the most effective and safest form of chemo therapy we can use. In the chemo or natural cures for cancer debate, they win.

Chemotherapy vs Natural Cures

In the chemo or natural cures for cancer debate, this provides an important point. The most important part of this research...

...was not the writing above. The most important was this next statement.... "This discovery suggests that finding a way to block this treatment response in the tumor microenvironment may improve the effectiveness of therapy."

Why Water Cures Works

This is the key to why water cures works. This is the key to why dietary changes can improve cancer outcomes. This is why so many, facing the chemo or natural cures for cancer issue, choose natural cures.

Everything the body does, it does in response to what we do to our bodies. When we feed our bodies unhealthy foods or expose our bodies to toxic chemicals, we have a certain response.

When we do not have enough electrolytes in our body, when we are dehydrated or do not have the right minerals in our body, our body reacts.

When our bodies are on the acid side of the acid / base balance, our bodies react.

The reaction is to try to find balance again. To try to attain health.

When we consume water and sea salt in the proper way, the salt and minerals help each other to transport each other to each of the cells in our body. As our bodies heal, they move to the alkaline side (the best place to be to avoid cancer or disease) of the scale.

Common Sense Choice:
.... Chemo or Natural Cures for Cancer?

Our immune system is the most important function of our bodies to get us well and keep us well. Chemo suppresses and occasionally destroys the immune system. Why would you want to suppress it?

Water cures has worked for thousands that have been sent home to die. Why would you not want to try it?

Note: It is not a quick fix. If you are looking for a magic pill, then chemo may be a better way to go. Water cures will take weeks to notice a difference. It will take months to see major improvement. Adding other complementary alternative treatments will help the improvement even faster. Simple dietary changes will help. For some, water cures will not work.

Your diet choices also play an important role in improving your chances of healing.

When facing the choice of chemo or natural cures for cancer choice, please make it as an informed consumer.

Water cures improves the immune system. Why would you not want your immunity to be the best it could be?

The Water Cures Protocol

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What Would Your Oncologist Do?

A McGill Cancer Center Survey finding, cited in the book, Reclaiming Our Health by John Robbins said... 75% of Americans who are diagnosed with cancer will receive chemotherapy.

But, 75% of oncologists said that if they had cancer, they would NOT use chemotherapy.


Because it is ineffective and unacceptably toxic.


Hydration coach Jonathan Steele, RN, notes that he has seen patients do both the chemo and natural cures combined. His mother for one, successfully ended her cancer in the 1970's and it didn't come back.

Many patients who do both chemo and natural cures often are on the chemotherapy much shorter times.

The most important thought to take away from this, those who take responsibility and are proactive about their health will do better.

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