Airport Scanner Radiation:

Can It Cause Airport Scanner Cancer?

Are You In The At-risk Group

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Radiation exposure is part of our everyday live. Airport scanner radiation from the naked x-ray is not normal and the risks of exposure are understated. While so many say it is safe (usually those with a financial interest or simply sheeple of the promoters), if they are wrong, you are gambling with your life.

Airport Scanner Radiation

Some are concerned about air port scanner cancer. This is something that should especially important to certain ones at greater risk (listed below). You can opt-out of the exposure to the airport scanner radiation in exchange for a free TSA pre flight massage (pat-down).

You Can Volunteer for a Radiation Exposure Experiment
Scanner pen and pencil drawing by Jonathan Steele
Full Body Airport Scanner

Additionally, since we were created to live on the Earth (where there is naturally occurring radiation), it would stand to reason that we would have a built in natural defense for radiation. We do and it's called glutathione (GSH).

Research has shown that the Water Cures protocol increases GSH, the tripeptide that combats radiation exposure inside our bodies. Common sense says it would improve our chances of survival from radiation exposure.

Think of a free radical (what radiation is) bouncing around inside our body and more specifically our cells. A dehydrated cell is going to experience more damage than a well hydrated cell and one that is loaded with ammo to fight the enemy insurgent free radical.

There is another way to increase our protection.

Taking a NAC supplement and foods rich in selenium at least 12 hours before exposure or flight will also be beneficial. Any foods that boost glutathione will help protect us from radiation. More on this at

Much of the radiation bombarding the earth is absorbed by the atmosphere and some even bounces off the atmosphere and is redirected to outer-space.

But as if what we get naturally was not enough, man has figured out unnatural ways to expose us to even more radiation and then use faulty logic to say it is safe. Thus, the info on airport scanner radiation. Additionally, as we are able to do more (like flying ever higher), we get exposed to more radiation from natural sources, like the sun (through the hull of the air-body of the jet you travel in).

So, what are the safety concerns of exposure to the man made radiation we get from backscatter X-ray machines at the airport (airport scanner radiation)?

Backscatter Airport Scanner Radiation

First a note on privacy. I personally do not believe the pictures are stored. The instances of TSA actually storing pics and the pictures you can find on the web do not really exist. They are a figment of your imagination. You are not really seeing those pictures on the web because they have not really been saved and shared.

Your Privacy is Safe
The Images Are Never Stored

body scan pic
Just Search Body Scan Pictures And You Can See Proof of Where They Are Not Stored

Backscatter X-ray machine such as are used by some airports use ionizing radiation. Exposure to this kind of radiation causes a lifetime cumulative damage. Every time you use it, think of the damage as a deposit in your radiation exposure bank. Eventually you will have too much and the risk of airport scanner cancer increases.

Are You at Greatest Risk:
....from Airport Scanner Radiation?


Pregnant women

Those who have had or have skin cancer

Those with leukemia

Those with myeloproliferative neoplasms

Signs or indications of DIC in live blood microscopy

Those who have defective DNA

Those with Autoimmune disease

Those 60 and older

All of these are considered to be at greater risk of the DNA damage caused by the ionizing radiation from backscatter X-ray machines.

All those who do not want to be a part of a global health experiment

Those who would prefer good health to a class action law suit settlement for damages to health (in the future)

Backscatter X-ray machines subject the body to focused radiation blasts. The machines deliver radiation that is absorbed almost entirely by the skin and underlying tissue of the skin. The method of measuring the dose we receive and averaging the dose over the whole body makes an inaccurate picture of the actual risk it exposes us to.

The kind of radiation they expose us to does not occur in the normal, everyday background radiation to which the machines are often compared.

By one estimate of scientists, the amount of radiation that you are exposed to may be 10 to 20 times more than thought according to some studies. Another group of scientists suggest the dose could easily be 100 times worse than suggested.

This is just the basic dose and does not account for a malfunction or error, in which case it could be even higher.

They Say They Are Safe: Are They?

The Testing Proves They Are Safe, Right?

The testing seems to have been done by the very company selling the machine. Of course, no company would falsify data to make a sale. That would be unthinkable.

In legal terms, this is a conflict of interest. This info, provided by the manufacturers, is the basis for all the web pages saying they are safe and other forms of radiation expose you to more.

The comparisons are to the 'natural radiation we receive from everyday items. Many daily radiation exposures provide far more radiation than we receive from the machines,' or at least so they say. However, this is not an apple for apples comparison.

Scientists Who Say They May Not Be Safe:

Peter Rez, a physics professor at Arizona State University, said to USA Today. "What happens in times of failure, when [the machines] can give very, very high radiation doses? I'm totally unconvinced they (TSA) have thought that through,"

Scientists from University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) raised some concerns.The concerns were not limited to radiation from the scanners causing cancer in skin and underlying tissue and conveyed these to the White House.

Here is a synopsis of the report sent.

The X-ray machines produce inelastic electrons which means they likely break bonds. While they operate at low beam energies, the majority of the energy goes to the skin and underlying tissues. Unlike the dose of radiation we get from the sun which is distributed throughout the body, the entire dose is delivered to the skin. This may be a dangerous level.

Note, the X-ray dose while compared to air travel or a chest x-ray, the scientists said the comparison is very misleading in that the X-ray and air travel exposure is measured as whole body exposure. Airport scanners deposit their energy on the skin and adjacent tissue. Because this is a small fraction of the whole of a person, the real dose is very high, by as much as two orders of magnitude.

... airport scanners are largely depositing their energy into the skin and immediately adjacent tissue, and since this is such a small fraction of body weight/vol, possibly by one to two orders of magnitude, the real dose to the skin is now high.

Note: In scientific terms, an order of magnitude is ten times the previous one. So airport x-ray machines could deliver 10 times the radiation they suggest and as much as 10 times 10 times or over 100 times the radiation that is suggested that we get.

The scientist also suggested that no unbiased or independent safety data was available. The data considered the whole body exposure value making the danger appear low when compare to air travel or a chest X-ray. The reality is the amount deposited on the skin is very much higher and if the amount of radiation deposited on the skin was used, it would more accurately tell how much radiation you are receiving.

Dr. David Brenner, head of Columbia University

U.S. Airline Pilots Association (USAPA)

John Gofman, M.D., Ph.D., a professor at U.C. Berkeley

The Other Side of the Argument

It should be noted that there are numerous others who suggest that the above information regarding airport scanner radiation is bogus and Backscatter X-ray machines are safe. But there is no credible evidence of safety.

Of course, like the many drugs that are no longer available because, while they were safe when first made available, they were found to be deadly, we can take part in a live clinical trials of the safety of these machines. We can choose...believe they are safe and be wrong or right, and pay the price, one way or another.

Or, simply avoid the radiation exposure from a machine you don't expose yourself to. Opt out and get a pat down instead (TSA Preflight Massage)

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