Definition of Holistic

The Holistic Health Definition

We have a slightly different view on the definition of Holistic Health and What is 'Holistic Health Care?' you need look no farther than yourself.

First, how the health care system defines holistic and then the more complete definition we use.

Definition of Holistic Healthcare

In healthcare and medicine, holistic health definition is treating the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the physical symptoms of a disease.

We believe the definition of holistic is the state of the whole of the mind, body and spirit. The state of health of the whole person or or treating of the whole person characterized by collectively treating the mind, body and spirit. The social factors are incorporated within these.

To come to this conclusion requires looking at the three without the religious dogma that governs the thinking of so many. Rather, we need to look at these three from a scientific standpoint. Note we did not include the word soul. While there are various thoughts about the word soul, the Bible in no place says we have a soul, rather that we are a living soul. It is irrelevant to this discussion however.

This raises the question, what are the mind, body and spirit in this definition of holistic?

What is the Spirit?

Often times in literature and even in dictionary definitions, the spirit is related to, confused with or even considered synonymous with the soul. Sometimes it is used to refer to something that survives after our death. However, both religiously and scientifically, the spirit and soul are two different things. They are not the same.

We hold that the spirit of man is the rider controls the body through the brain. The spirit is the life force within us.

How do we come to this thinking?

To the ancients, the word spirit had different meanings. In ancient Hebrew, the word spirit (ru'ahh) could mean breath or wind. In the common ancient Greek language, the word for spirit (pneu'ma) and the Latin (spirare) all mean breathe. Our lives are sustained by breathing.

This is the same root meaning or source of the word inspiration. Inspiration can mean breath in as well as that lightbulb moment when you get your next great idea. As an artist, this is what happens when an artist imagines their next masterpiece in their head.

No doubt you have heard of a spirited horse or a man with a broken spirit. We use the term metaphorically about a real phenomenon that happens within us.

When the symphonic harmony of our trillions of cells that works together to make us a human being ceases to exist, we are no longer a being. Yet the life force remains in our body part. In our heart for 4 hours, our liver for 7 hours, our corneas for up to 2 weeks and our skin for possibly much longer. That life force is what the ancients called the spirit.

For the sake of those who take the religious view of this topic, lets consider it from that standpoint. However, lets hold to a strictly Biblical view and not a religious view. The Bible says that we are a soul and nowhere does it say that we have a soul. 'Man became a living soul' says the Bible. Animals too are souls according to the Bible. It further says when we die the soul that is us is dead. "The soul that is sining, it it's self shall die. The concept of the soul living on after death is not from the Bible. it is from the various pagan religious beliefs.

If you have evidence of otherwise, please share it with us as we continue to perfect this definition of holistic health.

The spirit is the rider and the flesh is the body. This makes sense with all you wrote when considering that the Bible speaks about 'the force that actuates our mind.'

What's the Body in Holistic Health?

The human body is more than the sum of its parts. Think of the body as being metaphorically, one of any of a number of animals. It can be wild or domestic. The relationship of our body to animals is not to size, rather to personality or traits. Just as cheetahs are fast runners, some bodies are well constructed to run. Some are farsighted like eagles. Many people are like sheep in their need to follow others.

One interesting thing about our bodies, they can be trained. You may have heard about athletes and muscle memory. There is also a form of therapy called Bowen Works. It is neuro-somatic therapy. It basically trains muscles to stop sending pain signals and help the body to decrease inflammation. Once the Bowen process is learned, it is no longer necessary for physical manipulation to accomplish the benefit. The benefits can be had from mentally imagining the manipulating the nerves to stop pain.

The body, rather than being an elephant, could be metaphorically any animal we have a tendency to be like. Some people are like sheep and some are like wolves. Some are farsighted like eagles, some are graceful like whales or other animals. A domestic animal is easier to train than a wild animal. You are not going to get an animal to do anything until it is trained.

There is some consideration to the gut having a mind of its own, considering all the neural connections that it has.

Where does the mind fit in then? If the spirit is the force that actuates our mind, the mind is what manages both the spirit and body.

What's the Mind in Holistic Health?

What is the mind in holistic health? It was suggested by Jonathan Haidt that the mind is the rider and our body is like an elephant. We take the position that it is the spirit that is the rider. Perhaps you have heard the ancient saying, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.

Our flesh, our body, rather than being limited to just an elephant, can behave like many creatures of the animal kingdom. Besides, for most of us, unlike elephants, we are not afraid of mice.

Our mind, our moral compass is what elevates us from the animals. An animal can eat its young or kill another animal with out any feelings. Animals are instinctual. Man by virtue of his mind has a moral compass (hopefully). That moral part of our mind is what the spirit can use to reign in or let loose the animal within each of us.

What is Man?

If the above thought process is true, then we can help ourselves as well as others by knowing how all three work.

If the above is true, then we can reprogram the mind, the spirit and the body. This is evidenced in NLP where the mind is reprogrammed and ultimately, the spirit can be changed. Likewise in sports therapy where muscle memory (reprogramming the body) is used to help athletes.

It is further explained in double blind placebo studies where both treatments are placebos. Our thoughts have incredible power.

The spirit is the force that actuates our mind, it is more than just our life force. Our mind is more than a computer that coordinates the body and spirit. Our body (metaphorically) is an animal, with the characteristics of various animals. Some are sheep, some are wolves, some are eagles, lions, tigers and bears. Working harmonically, we are greater than the sum of our parts.

This website is not for everyone. This is not the repository of all health knowledge. Sometimes there are more than one answer for complex problems.

This site is not for promoting products we also profit from the sale of. We are simply looking for simple, effective and easy to sustain ways to attain your best health.

Recap: Definition of Holistic Health

The definition of holistic health considers the whole person, treats the entire person which is made up of the spirit, mind and body.

The mind is the biological supercomputer that functions at a level more than the sum of the parts of the brain.

The Body is our fleshly organism that behaves in ways similar to the personalities of animals.

The Spirit is the force that actuates our mind and like a rider on the back of the animal, functions to try to manage the mind and body.

It is not possible to get a wild animal, let alone a domestic animal to do what it does not want to do unless it is trained.

To improve our health possibilities, it is necessary to work with the mind, body and spirit collectively.

Face it, our bodies seek pleasure and avoid pain. Even though we know (our mind) and we desire (our spirit) our body will only do what it wants unless we learn to control it.

Our best health involves getting our body, the animal, to do what it needs to do, it requires training.

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