Dog Asthma Natural Treatment

Water Cures is a dog asthma natural treatment that many say works. Often times the simplest treatment is be the best. Below you will learn how it works. First, learn why it works as a natural dog asthma treatment.

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Dog Anatomy and Physiology

Of the genus Canis, dogs are considered either carnivores or omnivores. Their intestines can handle a wide range of foods. They do not need a meat only diet to fulfill their dietary requirements. Their guts are shorter and less complex than herbivores or plant eating animals because meat is easier to digest.

The most common foods toxic to dogs are grapes, raisins, macadamia nuts, chocolate, garlic, and onions.

Dogs need salt to maintain their health. Sodium plays an important part in the dog asthma natural treatment.

Sodium: Essential For Life

Like humans, sodium is found in dogs blood and in the fluid that surrounds the cells. It helps prevent the cells from swelling up or shrinking like a raisin.

Also like humans, it helps with nerve conduction. This means salt is an essential part of the health of the nervous system of dogs.

Additionally, salt plays a role in the muscle function.

Sodium is essential for a dogs health. Most food manufacturers put salt into the dog foods. It is not likely that the more expensive unprocessed sea salt is used however.

The Association of American Feed Control (those who oversee pet food ingredients) suggest that that dry dog foods contain at least 0.3% sodium.

Dogs with kidney problems may be put on a low salt diet. For healthy dogs, any excess sodium will be excreted in your dogs urine.

Healthy dogs can consume higher sodium levels than most commercial pet foods provide. Extra salt, especially if it is unprocessed sea salt will not increase blood pressure nor cause a gain in body water. Sodium is key to the dog asthma natural treatment.

Water Cures: Dog Asthma Natural Treatment

Like their human caretaker, dog asthma is the result of drought management.

Asthma, like in humans, is the dogs bodies self preservation response. Air passage is reduced to help maintain the water levels of the lungs so that further lung dehydration does not happen.

Breathing causes the lungs to release vapor. You will note this when the air is cold and you see steam when exhaling. The same amount of water in the form of vapor leaves the body but it is not noticeable when the air is closer to body temperature.

When an allergic reaction causes bronchitis in dogs, the inflamed tissues needs the moisture for the healing to take place. If the tissues were to dry out, they would not be able to repair themselves. Think of what scar tissue looks like.

Simply increasing the water intake will not solve the problem. The affected tissues need to detoxify. This happens when water gets inside the cells. Once there, the cells can eliminate the offending substance.

Why Does Saltwater Make Dogs Sick?

If your dog drinks sea water, there will be some unique health challenges you will be dealing with. If this has happened, stop reading and get the plastic covers over your furniture first. Seawater may cause illnesses that include vomiting and the risk of dehydration.

Running in and playing in salt water is beneficial for both dogs and humans.

If you do not have fresh water available to drink, your dog will drink sea water. The sea water can cause illness because of the excess salt and the stuff that makes the water green.

In one quart of sea water there could be as much as 1/2 cup of salt. This is the equivalent of 24 teaspoons of unprocessed sea salt as well as plankton and potentially other chemicals.

Those using the Dog Water Cures protocol use no more than 3/4 tsp per quart of water at the most. With this you may be able to bring an end to dog asthma. Yes, this can end allergic bronchitis in dogs.

Next, go to the The Water Cures Pet Protocol and lean how so many are using unprocessed sea salt to improve their dogs health.

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Warning: Research shows calcium supplements may be harmful to your health.

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Live Blood in Dark Screen Microscopy
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It is amazing how so many things that are new to us were common knowledge in the past. One basic practice of the Water Cures protocol is to drink at least 30-45 minutes before and 2 1/2 hours after a meal. This is not a new thought however. Notice what a magazine from 1925 had to say...

"Drink plenty of water two hours after each meal; drink none just before eating; and a small quantity if any at meal time. Do not take a bath until two hours after eating a meal, nor closer than one hour before eating. Drink a full glass of water both before and after the bath." (Golden Age, Sept. 9, 1925, pp. 784-785)

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The Great Salt Debate
Here is the Science

We are not promoting increased salt intake. We are suggesting taking salt in amounts appropriate to your bodies needs, based on water needs. Our needs are not one size fits all.

Note: Do you have CHF or Kidney Disease? Then.....

There is more to Water Cures than just salt and water. Diet, 50 to 80% raw food is best and exercise play an important part. And we believe the science is important too. Below is some of the research we found as to why Water Cures is the solution for better health.
Does Salt Raise Blood Pressure?
Read This Study
And Decide for Yourself

Does Dietary Sodium Increase Heart Health Risks?
For Most of Us, No!
According to a JAMA study.

A Review of the above JAMA Article
Study: Salt May Not Be All Bad?

Water Cures is not for Everyone

Listen to your body. Do not use this if you are under a doctors care. Do not stop taking medications without consulting your doctor. If you are on medications, consult your doctor if you start the Water Cures Protocol as it may change your needs.

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Heal Your Headache It Worked For Me

Hi, my name is Sharon. The webmaster of this site is my nurse, my personal water coach and my husband.

As this site was first being built, I had a headache and as usual took an Ibuprofen. Impatient for it to start working, I decided to try the Water Cures. I took a pinch of salt and a glass of water. Then I took a second pinch of salt and another glass of water. My headache was gone in less than 5 minutes.

From my personal experience, it usually takes 30 to 45 minutes for Ibuprofen to work. Some have found it takes ibuprofen 24 minutes to start working.

Yet on the Water Cures protocol, my headache was gone in 5 minutes.

Its simple: give your body what it needs and your body will give you what you need, the ability to feel great.

Water Cures was the solution for the elimination of my headache. It is what I will use from now on.

Why not give it a try yourself.

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