Treating Binge Eating Disorder Naturally: Overcome BED

This section reviews treating binge eating disorder naturally. What is binge eating, what is the binge eating definition and binge eating disorder information? What is emotional binge eating? What are the ways to go about treating binge eating disorder? Is there a way to stop binge eating naturally? We believe we have a sustainable way to overcome binge eating. We also review some of the binge eating disorder medications.

What Is Binge Eating?

Symptoms of Binge Eating

Emotional Binge Eating

Treating Binge Eating Disorder

Stop Binge Eating

Binge Eating Disorder Help

Binge Eating Disorder Causes

Overcome Binge Eating Naturally

Binge Eating Disorder Medications


What Is Binge Eating?

What is Binge Eating Disorder

    Binge Eating Disorder (BED) is (as of May 2013) recognized as a clinical diagnoses for an eating disorder in the DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders).

    Binge Eating Disorder is a psychological condition that results in reoccurring episodes of binge eating or eating more than s needed to feel full and where three or more of the list of potential symptoms are noted. It is considered the most common eating disorder in the US. It affects about 3.5% of women, 2.6% of men and 1.6% pre-teens. Those with BED tend to have more anxiety and depression than people with normal weight or obesity.  The inability to manage stress appears to be a component. Women experience it in early adulthood and men typically experience it in midlife.

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Symptoms of Binge Eating

    What are the symptoms of binge eating. This is a review of the binge eating symptoms.

    <.Symptoms of binge eating disorder include with three or more of the following symptoms.

    Binge Eating Disorder is diagnosed when three or more of the following symptoms are present.

    The eating is more rapidly than normal.

    Eating to the point of becoming uncomfortably full.

    Eating copious amounts of food even though not feeling physically hungry.

    Eating in private due to the embarrassment of how much is being eating.

    Feelings of disgust, guilt or depression with self after overeating.

    Feelings of distress after binge eating episode.

    No purging to compensate for the binge eating.

    The disorder produces both physical and psychological health issues.  It is estimated that up to to 2/3 of people with Binge Eating Disorder are dealing with obesity and usually have related health issues. We will continue to update this section on binge eating disorder symptoms as new information comes to light.

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Emotional Binge Eating

    What is emotional binge eating? This can be better understood by considering the emotional binge eating food choices. Often times these foods have significance to those suffering from BED.

    People dealing with Binge Eating Disorder (BED) many times have mental issues with their weight and shape. Their mental attitudes are similar those who have bulimia. The mental aspects of Binge Eating are important when considering the causes.

    Some of the negative emotions include negative self-esteem, impaired social function, psychiatric disorders and personality disorders. It is estimated that between 50-60% of those with major depressive disorder may binge eat.

    Males (57%) have a higher rated of substance use disorders than females (28%).

    For some, emotional binge eating, over eating food and the subsequent release of chemicals in the body like histamine, in effect, becomes their drug. The feelings that binge eating help people cope with the challenges and stresses faced day by day.

    If you are challenged with BED, consider what foods you eat and what they do for you.

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Treating Binge Eating Disorder

    There are a few ways to go about treating binge eating disorder. Treating binge eating includes medical, spiritual and psychological treatments. We propose an alternative treatment for binge eating disorder.

    While there are drugs as well as mental therapy for treating binge eating disorder, we propose a treatment that is remarkably simple, the Water Cures protocol. In the experiences of those who have used the Water Cures Protocol, it brings an end to mental depression and various other forms of mental illnesses. It also helps with the psychological component of overeating along with the physical part of the disorder.

    What is the Water Cures Protocol? Water Cures Protocol?

    People using the Water Cures protocol have noted that on starting to use the salt and water, they have a new found ability to control their eating.

    "For the first time in my life, I can eat a few chips and then close up the bag. It is amazing. I have total control of my eating when using the water cures."
    Name withheld by request.

    There are a few reasons why it works as a binge eating disorder treatment based on the writings of Dr. Batmanghelidj.

    Depression is one of the bodies cry for water. Without the proper hydration, the neurons cannot function properly.
    Depression quickly goes away for most people on the Water Cures protocol.
    Hunger is likewise may be and most often is a cry for water.
    Once the body is properly hydrated, receiving both the water and salt, then satiation is easily attained.

    There is no desire to binge eat as the body is satisfied. With the brain and body working at optimal conditions, it is easier to deal with both emotional and psychological issues we are faced with.

    Most important, one of the things people most worry about, weight loss, will happen naturally. At Water Cures we want you to be concerned with weight loss. As your body looses weight, you will need less water and salt. This can be so rapid, it is essential to watch your weight every few days at least. You will need less and less water and salt.

    Besides, as you see the weight dropping, you will be more inclined to stick with the program.

    As more binge eating treatment becomes available, we will continue to add to this information.

    The Water Cures Protocol

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Stop Binge Eating

    There is a simple way to stop binge eating. It requires properly hydrating our body. And it is called the Water Cures protocol. If you want to stop-binge-eating or if you want to learn how to stop binge eating, then the water cures can help. If you want to learn hot to avoid binge eating all together, then the Water Cures can likewise help.

    It is quite simple. To stop binge eating, start the Water Cures Protocol. People have reported that it has been found to help both mentally and physiologically. In other words, it helps the mind or mental processes including ending depression and it helps the body to not crave the feeling that binging provides. There are two ways you can start. All at once or only in the AM and PM and build up as you go. Ideally, you will want to work up to drinking about 5-6 times a day. Always drink 30 to 45 min before eating and 2 1/2 hours after eating. Always take the salt and dissolve in your mouth before you drink the water. For those with BED, it is even more important to follow the full daily protocol of water and salt intake.

    The Water Cures Protocol

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Binge Eating Disorder Help

    Do you want help for binge eating or are you looking for binge eating disorder self help information? There are several ways to get help, either self help or otherwise. The binge eating disorder help, what ever kind you opt for, can be improved by increasing water and salt in the Water Cures protocol.

    Get Support, Don't Do It Alone

    There are four ways to deal with or overcome mental and physiological health challenges. Do it on your own using self help guides or mind over matter, do it with help (counselor, coach or supportive friend) and through spiritual help.

    Technically, all four ways are support. Few people have the will power to go it alone. Yet you will hear of people doing things like quitting smoking or loosing weight by simply making up their mind.

    Doing it through spiritual help requires you having a spiritual belief system.

    Coaching, counselor and support groups work best for the majority of people as we are social beings. We more readily want to fit in and seek approval of our peers. This support can help when there are unexpected challenges. When things don't go quite right, they help sort out what needs to be done, if anything. And they are there to support you if you are doing good or if you should fail.

    When it comes to finding support, most people will not understand what your are going through. Even family and friends may not fully appreciate what you are experiencing. Family may even become enablers or worse, co-dependent.

    Whether you start with a counselor, someone who is knowledgeable on helping people with eating disorders or a wise friend, the important thing is get support. The support you need is someone who will not only understand, but someone who can help.

    You can always call one of our hydration coaches. Depending on their availability, you may be able to find one at various times of the day.

    The Water Cures Protocol

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Binge Eating Disorder Causes

    The research on binge eating disorder causes is considerable. While many want to know what causes binge eating disorder or more specifically, what causes binge eating , there are very few answers.

    The cause of binge eating disorder is unknown but there are some commonalities among people that have it.

    The commonalities are biological, environmental, psychological and physiological.

    Psychologically, almost 50% of people with BED have a history of depression. Also, negative emotions are associated with triggering the eating episodes.

    Environmentally, research has found that many with BED come from families that over eat. Families that reward with food or use food as a means to soothe or comfort stressful experiences are more prone to BED.

    Physiological could include things like chemicals in the foods we eat. MSG for instance, causes cravings. High fructose corn syrup does help provide satiation. When eating them, it is possible to predispose our bodies to want more.

    For some, overeating is a learned experience. When feeling stress, the feeling of overeating helps the coping. The result, food becomes the drug of choice.

    Dieting Could Cause Binge Eating

    One of the psychological results of having a lack is to want more. When a diet restricts us, there may be a desire to overcompensate because we had to do with out. Eliminating or limiting diets don't work and may be more harmful because of the psychological fall out that results when the diet is over.

    Our brains do not work well to simply stop something. Our brains are always seeking to fill voids. Changes in the mind come better from modifying than from restricting.

    As more information on binge eating causes becomes available, we will include it here.

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Overcome Binge Eating

    We have a simple, easy and sustainable way to overcome binge eating. Used alone or with other forms of help, it will improve your outcomes.

    Overcoming binge eating starts with properly hydrating our bodies. Your recovery from binge eating and ability to control binge eating can be improved with the Water Cures protocol.

    By improving hydration, many have improved their mental functions, including overcoming depression and agoraphobia.

    Helping our body to learn how to control binge eating as well as how to prevent binge eating starts with helping our body be as healthy as possible. Getting water into each and every cell is the first priority to help all processes work. Drinking water alone will not hydrate our body. We also have the need for electrolytes.

    The Water Cures Protocol

    To overcome binge eating disorder requires both a physiological or body response and a mental / emotional response.

    Here are some suggestions to change both the way we think and the way we eat in order to overcome binge eating disorder. Recovery from binge eating is possible. You can use these suggestions to control binge eating and eventually prevent binge eating.

    For some, just the act of dieting can cause the desire to binge.

    Think Modification, Not Limitation

    Modification of our diet, substituting this for that and changing the way we think about the foods we eliminate helps prevent the feeling of loss. With out the feeling of loss, there is less risk of psychological need to fill the loss.

    How to Control Binge Eating

    To Weigh or Not to Weigh, That is the Question

    Many who binge eat will tend to weigh frequently. Common wisdom is to avoid this thinking and only weigh once a week.

    You should also change the way you think. Your weight is not a measurement of who you are. It is not the definition of who you are.

    Passion vs Obsession

    We suggest creating your own rules. Think passion and correct or get rid of thinking in a pattern of obsession.

    Passion is strong and an almost uncontrollable emotion. To further understand the word, emotion is a state of mind that is natural and instinctive, originating from our circumstances, mood, or relationships with others.

    Obsession is the mental process of being preoccupied or having our mind filled with something continually, intrusively, and or to a troubling extent. In other words, it is all you think about. It is unhealthy.

    Good health and proper eating habits need to be natural, instinctive and almost uncontrollable. In other words, just as eating is uncontrollable, it is necessary to modify our mind so that we do not eat more than we need and we eat healthy.

    Don't Cheat

    The whole idea of cheating is the allowance of forbidden foods. Once the idea of forbidden is changed, the foods are no longer forbidden. These foods can be defined as two different kinds of bad. One could be pleasurable but toxic and the other could be a treat but overdone, could be unhealthy.

    First the toxic or those that are poison, at least to those with BED. Some foods, such as ice cream which may have BHG, can cause serious health problems. If you are dealing with candida overgrowth, then foods that could feed the candida or any fungal infections need to be avoided, again, because they are toxic. Even cheeses should be avoided.

    Some foods are pleasurable but are simply over consumed. Many, on trying the water cures protocol have found that this challenge is eliminated by properly hydrating the body. Before eating your favorite food, drink your required amount of water after first dissolving the salt in your mouth. The amount of water is based on body weight. The amount of salt is based on the amount of water. It is 1/8th tsp per every 16 ounces.

    Listen to Your Body Rather Than Rigid Rules

    Tied into changing the way you think, it is necessary to listen to your body. You may however need an interpreter. The feeling of hunger or the feeling to binge eat, since it is believed to originate in the brain, could be your body simply crying out for water. The easy way to find out, drink 10% your body weight in ounces of water. For each 16 ounces, use 1/8th tsp of unprocessed sea salt dissolved on your mouth.

    Food Should Be Fun

    If you want to really ramp up the enjoyment of your food, check out some of the raw food recipes you can find on the web. They are not only fun, they are nutritious.

    Avoiding the Foods You Crave

    While everyone will have to make their own choices, some choose to eliminate from their home, the foods that are easiest to eat at one setting.

    This is not an elimination of these foods from a diet. It is just eliminating them from easy access. When you do enjoy these, often out in public, there will be no risk of overindulging.

    Make Habits

    The changes being made need to be transformed into habits. Science has found that by doing something over and over for 27 - 31 days, it can become a habit.

    It may take several attempts to get a new habit into your life. One essential habit, drinking water and taking the salt.

    Listen to What Your Body is Saying to You

    Again, one of the things people starting the water cures learn is that hunger is often a cry for water. Likewise, depression and the emotions that trigger eating are also cries for water. As we learn to listen to our body and react appropriately, we will be able to both improve our mental health and our dietary habits.

    Get the Rider and the Reins Working With the Body

    In holistic health, we work with the spirit, mind and body. Each is a part of the whole.

    The spirit is not some etherial thing outside of us. Rather, it is the life force within us.

    The mind is the reins that provides the pull to move one direction or the other.

    The body tends to do what ever it wants, sometimes not responding to the mind or spirit.

    You may have heard the Biblical saying, "...the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak."

    The Water Cures Protocol

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Binge Eating Disorder Medications

    There are a number of binge eating disorder medications currently being prescribed. You can do a web search for lexapro binge eating and ambien binge eating to learn more about two of the most prescribed.

    Some medical treatments have proven to be effective. The effectiveness comes with a price in the form of negative side effects. There are a number of undesirable side effects and even health risks in taking medications for BED.

    Additionally, along with medications, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and interpersonal therapy (IPT) have proved beneficial when working in conjunction with the medications.

    Additional Binge Eating Disorder Medications

    While certain medication may help reduce binge eating but it would be good to consider the side effects. Included are antidepressants (SSRIs) and anticonvulsants (topiramate, which can also reduce body weight). Treatments should be considered based on the risk benefit ratio. The DSM 5 also suggested that all available alternatives be considered.

    One study assessed the anti-convulsive in 13 women (aged 19–54 yrs) with Topiramate (100–1,400 mg/d). All were already receiving psychotropic medications at the time of topiramate was given. They lost 17 lbs. (61 kg) in the study.

    After beginning topiramate, with neurologic side effects the most common problem. Topiramate was considered to be effective in treating binge-eating disorder even though for a small number, it did not work.

    In another study, 60 18-60 yr old 's with binge-eating disorder received either fluoxetine, 20 to 80 mg/day or placebo in a 6-wk, double-blind study.

    The primary measure of how well it worked was frequency of binge eating. The study also measured body mass index, weight and the severity of the illness.

    The people who received fluoxetine had a considerably greater reduction in frequency of binge eating, body mass index, weight, and severity of illness. It was found that fluoxetine worked in reducing binge-eating frequency, weight, and severity of illness and was generally well tolerated in subjects with binge-eating disorder.

    It should be noted that the Water Cures protocol is the oral version of a saline IV, the number one treatment given in the hospital.

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